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Legacy Board Members

As we move forward in our mission to serve and support the community, we would like to take a moment to thank and remember our past board members who have contributed so much to the success of the American Spouses of Geilenkirchen (ASGK). Their dedication and hard work have helped shape our organization into what it is today, and their contributions will always be appreciated and remembered. We are grateful for their leadership and the legacy they have left behind, and we strive to build upon their achievements as we continue to grow and evolve as a community organization. Thank you to our past board members, and may their contributions continue to inspire us as we move forward together.


President - Ruth Lane

Vice President - Nicole Stinchcomb

Secretary - Katie Stewart

Treasurer - Kelsey Willis

Parliamentarian - TBD

Membership Chair - Nikki Heil

Publicity Chair - Beth Parker

Scholarship Chair - Andrea Anderson

Hospitality Chair - Katie Addington

Historian Chair - Tiffany Meyer

Volunteer Chair - Jessica McCoy

Foggy Fields Bazaar Chair - Brianna Cook



President - Hester Lucas

Vice President - Julie Bronzert

Secretary - Tiffany Baldwin

Treasurer - Kali Drexler

Parliamentarian - Nicole Stinchcomb

Membership Chair - Samantha Grossman

Publicity Chair - Ruth Lane

Scholarship Chair - Rachel Yacko

Hospitality Chair - Beth Parker

Historian Chair - Katie Vogel

Volunteer Chair - Brooke Busbee

Foggy Fields Bazaar Chair - Alisha Elliott


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