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Become a Lead Volunteer

Calling for passionate individuals with strong leadership skills! The Foggy Fields Bazaar, hosted by the American Spouses of Geilenkirchen (ASGK), is seeking Volunteer Leads to play a crucial role in managing the event, as well as overseeing volunteers and vendors. This is a unique opportunity that offers both responsibility and immense rewards.

As a Volunteer Lead, you will be entrusted with a significant position within the event's organization. We have several lead positions available, each with a primary and secondary role to ensure effective planning and execution. The lead positions include:

  1. Volunteer Chair: In this role, you will oversee the recruitment, coordination, and management of volunteers. Your leadership will help ensure a smoothly run event by assigning roles, providing guidance, and fostering a positive volunteer experience.

  2. Hospitality Chair: As the Hospitality Chair, you will be responsible for creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for both vendors and attendees. You will coordinate hospitality services, oversee volunteer hospitality teams, and ensure that everyone feels valued and well-cared for during the event.

  3. Secretary: As the Secretary, you will play a vital role in maintaining clear communication channels, documenting meeting minutes, and managing important event correspondence. Your attention to detail and organizational skills will contribute to the efficient operation of the event.

  4. Publicity Chair: In this role, you will be in charge of promoting the Foggy Fields Bazaar and generating public interest. You will develop and implement marketing strategies, manage social media platforms, and collaborate with local media outlets to spread the word about the event.

  5. Treasurer Chair: As the Treasurer Chair, you will oversee financial matters related to the event. This includes managing budgets, handling vendor fees, and ensuring accurate record-keeping. Your financial expertise will contribute to the event's success and support the scholarships and military programs we aim to assist.

  6. Vendor Chair: In this role, you will be responsible for managing and coordinating vendor participation. This includes communicating with vendors, overseeing booth assignments, and ensuring their needs are met during the event. Your organizational skills and vendor management experience will be instrumental in creating a diverse and vibrant marketplace.

By assuming one of these lead positions, you will not only contribute to the success of the Foggy Fields Bazaar but also gain a fulfilling and rewarding experience. You will have the opportunity to work closely with a dedicated team, make a positive impact on the military community, and develop valuable leadership skills.

If you are ready to take on this exciting challenge and make a difference, please email us at to express your interest in a specific lead position. We look forward to hearing from passionate individuals like you who are eager to shape the success of the Foggy Fields Bazaar!

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