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Become an ASGK Board Member

Becoming an ASGK board member is a fantastic opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the community. As a board member, you'll have the chance to contribute your skills, ideas, and passion to initiatives that directly benefit Geilenkirchen Air Base and the broader Tri-border area community. Whether it's organizing events, managing welfare requests, or overseeing scholarship programs, serving on the board allows you to play a key role in creating a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone. Plus, you'll have the chance to collaborate with fellow board members and community members alike, forging connections and friendships that can last a lifetime. Join us in making a difference and being a positive force in the ASGK community!

All those nominated for a position on the executive board or as a chairperson must be a current ASGK member in good standing. ​


  • President- A member of the executive board, official representative of ASGK, run board meetings, coordinate the work of other members of the board and chairpersons. Position must be held by a US national.  

  • Vice President- A member of the executive board, assist the president as a representative of ASGK  and overseeing committee functions. Position must be held by a US national.

  • Secretary- Record and post the minutes of executive and general membership meetings. 

  • Treasurer- Manage the ASGK bank account, create and maintain an annual budget for expenditures and earnings, provide funds for  non-budgetary requests. Position must be held by a US national.

  • Parliamentarian- Verify attendance at each meeting and confirm quorum is met for voting. Maintain the ASGK Constitution and Bylaws. Head the nomination committee every spring. 

  • Membership Chairperson- Maintain roster of current members and their contract information. Assist with sign in at events and sign up new members. 

  • Hospitality Chairperson- Ensure reservations of meeting locations, oversee set up/decorations/refreshments at meetings and clean up afterward. 

  • Publicity Chairperson- Responsible for advertising events put on by ASGK and maintain Facebook group. 

  • Volunteer Chairperson- Responsible for organizing volunteers for events and managing volunteer opportunities for ASGK members. Also responsible to help members keep track of their volunteer hours and turn into AFRC quarterly. 

  • Scholarships Chairperson- Provides scholarship applications to qualifying spouses, work closely with other board members to advertise in the community and determine number of scholarships available.

  • Historian/ Webmaster - Documents ASGK events and traditions, as well as overseeing the Maintenance and development of the ASGK website, Ensuring members stay connected and informed through our online presence. 

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